Working With Your Veil in France: entrepreneurship a new path

Une musulmane travaillant

Entrepreneurship the royal road

In France, unfortunately it is not easy to keep the veil and work although nothing prohibits it in private sector companies. Unfortunately, many women (certainly you) with enormous potential find themselves fumbling and accepting underpaid activities.

The veil, worn by many women for religious or cultural reasons, is often debated. Many veiled women have found other ways to flourish professionally. The solution ? Entrepreneurship. Let’s find out how this is possible and how you too can start a profitable business.

The Advantages of Doing Business as a Veiled Woman in France

Doing business as a veiled woman has significant benefits, both personally and spiritually. Here are some of the major benefits to consider:

  1. Prayer on time: One of the five pillars of Islam is Salat (prayer). As an entrepreneur, you have the flexibility to arrange your schedule to perform your prayers on time, without compromising your professional responsibilities.
  2. Avoid diversity: If you prefer to work in an environment where diversity is limited, entrepreneurship offers you this opportunity. You can choose your clients, collaborators, and create a workspace that respects your principles.
  3. Pleasing Allah: By working hard, having integrity and respecting the principles of Islam in your business, you are working towards pleasing Allah.
  4. Earn your money in a halal way: Make sure your sources of income are Sharia compliant. As an entrepreneur, you have full control over your transactions and can ensure that your business operates in an ethical and halal manner.
  5. Caring for your children and watching them grow: Entrepreneurship offers flexibility that can be particularly beneficial for mothers. You can adjust your work schedule to spend more quality time with your children.
  6. Being able to perform hijra: If you are considering migrating for religious reasons, having an online business or flexible business can allow you to work from anywhere, making the transition to a new country easier.
  7. Autonomy and empowerment: Entrepreneurship offers great autonomy. You are in control of your decisions, which gives you a feeling of accomplishment and mastery.
  8. Network and community: By embarking on entrepreneurship, you will have the opportunity to create or join communities of women with similar beliefs. This can be valuable for exchange, support and collaboration.
  9. Contribute positively to society: As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to create jobs, provide beneficial services or products to the community, and be a source of inspiration for others.

In short, entrepreneurship offers a multitude of advantages for veiled women in France. It is a path that not only allows you to achieve financial independence, but also to live according to your convictions while making a positive contribution to society.

Entrepreneurship: The Key to Emancipation

Entrepreneurship is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to create something with their own hands, and this is even more true for those looking to work without compromising their personal beliefs. Whether it's creating a modest clothing brand, starting an educational YouTube channel, or offering consulting services, the possibilities are endless.

Diverse and Varied Activities

  • Consulting and Coaching: If you have expertise in a particular area, why not start a coaching or consulting service? This can range from coaching in nutrition, personal development or even entrepreneurship.
  • E-commerce: Selling specific products, whether clothing, jewelry or halal beauty products, is a huge opportunity.
  • Education and Training: If you have a passion for teaching, you can offer training or tutorials in your area of ​​expertise.

Blogging and Writing: If you have a passion for writing, start your blog or offer your services as a freelance writer.

Train to Succeed

Like any entrepreneur, the key to success often lies in solid training. And this is where the SUPER SIDE BIZ ACADEMY comes into play. Designed specifically for those who want to create a profitable service business quickly, this training offers a course in 12 modules to guide you step by step.

Based on a system in 4 pillars: the basics of the project, the creation of the offer, the strategies, the sale.

From defining your niche to managing your communication, creating your social networks, cash flow management, creating your service offering, declaring your business, learning how to sell to find your first customers. Each module is designed to give you the tools you need to succeed. You no longer have to fumble around or search for unreliable information: everything is there, organized in a logical manner to facilitate your entrepreneurial journey and make your entrepreneurial dream come true.

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You are also accompanied by a coach who monitors your progress and guides you step by step until your business becomes a reality.


Working with your veil in France is not an obstacle, it is an opportunity. Entrepreneurship offers a space for expression and success for all those who have ambition and passion. And with training like the SUPER SIDE BIZ ACADEMIE , you have all the cards in hand to transform this passion into success. So, ready to embrace the entrepreneurial adventure?