The essential Douaa (x15 Stickers): Invocations in the Heart of Your Home

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Our Douaa Stickers are a simple and elegant way to weave spirituality into the fabric of your daily life. With their clean, unobtrusive design, they blend seamlessly into any space in your home, while providing almost imperceptible learning of invocations. Each pack includes 16 stickers, each featuring a duaa in French, phonetic, and Arabic.

These stickers are gentle but powerful reminders, strategically positioned to accompany you throughout the day — before you go out, in returning home, before sleeping, and more. They make it easier to memorize and recite the duaas, allowing you to learn and strengthen your faith effortlessly.

In the pack of 15 stickers you will find:

Douaa before leaving the house.
Douaa coming home.
Douaa before sleeping.
Douaa waking up.
Douaa before eating.
Douaa after eating.
Douaa entering / leaving the toilet.
Douaa following ablutions.
Douaa looking in the mirror.
Duaa against the evil eye.
Duaa for the protection of Allah.
Duaa for success.
Duaa for abundance.
Invocations of evening.
Invocations of morning.
+1 BONUS Duaa for Palestine 🍉.

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