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Tafkir cards: Brighten up your discussions

Tafkir cards: Brighten up your discussions

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  • The essential questions to ask yourself
  • With family, friends or introspection
  • The perfect gift for more reflection and connection

Delving into captivating themes such as faith, lovefamily and self-knowledge, you will put Allah at the center of each exchange thanks to Tafkir: conversation cards which invite you to transcend ordinary discussions.


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🤩 This product is composed of 80 Cards as well as 158 questions.

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    Refocus Your Conversations on Allah and Faith

    The “TAFKIR” conversation cards are designed to put Allah at the heart of your discussions. Each question invites reflection on your relationship with Allah, the faith and Islamic teachings.

    By incorporating these cards into your discussions, you ensure that Allah is present in every conversation, thus promoting daily spirituality and a deeper connection with your faith.

    Practice and Perfect Your Speaking

    Use these cards as regular exercises to refine your speaking skills. Each question offers an opportunity for expression, allowing you to develop your self-confidence and your ability to articulate clear and concise ideas.